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Featured Maker

Artisan Boulanger Patissier

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“Philadelphia is a city pulsing with creative opportunity—a perfect place to pursue your passions.”

Nina “Lyrispect” Ball
Renaissance Woman & Cultural Curator


Featured Maker

DIY Recording Equipment

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What is PHL Made?

PHL Made was established in 2013 to proudly support the products, fashion, food and technology ‘Made in Philadelphia.’ It’s a resource for makers, bringing them together through a fresh marketing brand and a civic-minded makers network.

What is a maker?

Makers are the thinkers and re-thinkers who are taking manufacturing into their own hands, redesigning what it means to create quality products—right here in Philadelphia. Be it one-of-a-kind art, groundbreaking technology, or gourmet food, makers contribute to the city’s ever-evolving and increasingly vibrant DIY culture, and personify 'PHL: Here for the Making.'